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August 2015

Posted: 24th August, 2015

What will the year bring?


As I watch the World Athletics Championships, I'm pondering (and planning) the next academic year's sports and clubs. Last year was quite incredible with masses of participation in our sports clubs which allowed us to field more teams than we ever have before. The teams thoroughly enjoyed their competitions and I was thrilled to see all of our athletics teams become county champions as well as our yr 4 cricket team. Several of our cross country runners also competed for Rushcliffe to win this county final too. Wow! It'll be hard to follow such a successful year but I'l certainly try.

I'm expecting similar levels of participation from our children again and so am planning a sports club on most nights after school as well as several lunch time clubs. Our autumn term clubs will be confirmed at the beginning of September 2015. Please keep your eye out for permission slips and letters on our website and also in your child's reading bag.