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Welcome to Cherry Class - Miss Raine

Year 3



Welcome to Cherry Class!


This term, our topic is SURVIVAL. 


We will be learning key survival skills linking it to the life of people in the Stone Age. 


Keep an eye out for our terrific work throughout the final term of Year 3!

Walking around the Art gallery yesterday

Enjoying the sunshine



Cherry class popped to a Paris Cafe to do some reading

Enjoying our marble reward! Yummy hot chocolate and cookies!

Silver and Bronze reading awards - Jan 2018

Silver and Bronze reading awards - Jan 2018 1

Our daily run around the playground

Creative Hero Day

Our AMAZING wooden boats

Enjoying our 'Hook' into our new book 'Arthur and the Golden Rope'.

As part of our work on coasts, we created models of erosion landmarks. We were proud of our Headlands, Arches, Stacks and Stumps!

We spent the afternoon learning about the Water Cycle.

Internet Safety

Does your child go online at home? We’ve used the following site in school to help teach our class about safe use of social media and online games. 

We recommend that you spend some time on this site with your child so that you are aware of what they should be doing to stay safe and have fun whilst online.

Select the ‘cyber café’ and then choose 'enter'  after this the 'host' called Griff should be able to tell you what to do to explore the site.