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February 2016

Posted: 26th February, 2016


County Champions in Sports Hall Athletics

Yesterday, 27 of our year 5/6 children competed at the Winter School Games in Sports Hall Athletics. The format for the event is different to our local event with restrictions on the amount each child can do and also more races and field events. In a nutshell - it is a real challenge for the children! However, our children took it all in their stride and had a wonderful day trying their best and cheering on every athlete from all 8 teams. They really did shine and not only for what they did on the track . We are very proud of them!
Mr B knew the boys were quick but the competition brought out even more speed and they amazed the spectators by winning every race - no team has ever achieved this in the 6 years of this competition's existence. Our girls also ran their socks off and secured wins in 3 races and placed well in their others. The children rode the sea of nerves and competed well in their field events too. They were brilliant and after over 3 hours of competition they were worthy winners and County Champions in Sports Hall Athletics for the 4th consecutive year.

Posted: 11th February, 2016


Hurricanes and Tornadoes Storm the B Final

Last night 19 of our children from year 3&4 competed in the B Final of the Rushcliffe Sports Hall Athletics Championship. Miss Tomlinson and Mrs Davies were very impressed with their team work and sportsmanship throughout the competition. They ran brilliantly and jumped and threw the to the best of the ability and had a super time doing so. We are all looking forward to seeing these children develop as athletes throughout their time with us.

1st Edwalton A: 46pts
2nd Jesse Gray A: 51pts
3rd Robert Miles A: 73pts
4th Radcliffe Hurricanes: 80pts
5th Willow Brook A : 95pts
6th Langer A: 97pts
7th Heymann A: 110pts
8th Radcliffe Tornadoes: 119pts
9th Sutton Bonington A: 129pts

Posted: 11th February, 2016


Swim Team Race to Victory

Today 18 children from Yrs 3,4,5 & 6 competed in the Nottinghamshire School Swimming Service Swimming Gala at Carlton Forum Leisure Centre. They swam in a series of individual 25m sprints and relay races against 10 other teams from around Nottinghamshire. Looking at our competitors’ caps and t-shirts, it was evident that there were a lot a club swimmers at the gala and the gossip on poolside was that there were several county champions there too. As the gala progressed our children demonstrated our school values again and again - encouraging swimmers from any and every team to do their best. The head teacher from Parkdale School even commended our children from their sportsmanship, which made Mr Burdes Very, very proud.
At the end of the gala we knew that our children had tried their best and put in many fine swims but we also knew that so had many other schools. We were therefore delighted to hear that we were in the top 3 as the announcer read out the results. To then find out that we had won was brilliant and the children were absolutely glowing as they collected their medals. They'll have to keep training now as they will compete again in a couple of months at the Nottinghamshire County Final. Congratulations children!
If your child is interested in swimming we would recommend contacting CABSC or Leander Swim Club so that they can develop their strokes further.

Posted: 9th February, 2016


Sports Hall A Final Results

Here are the results for last week's yr 34 Sports Hall Final.

1st West Bridgford Juniors A : 37pts
2nd Radcliffe Juniors A: 46pts
3rd Carnarvon : 61pts
4th West Bridgford Juniors B: 91pts
5th Lady Bay : 92pts
6th Crossdale Drive : 109pts
7th Radcliffe Juniors B : 110pts
8th Orston : 132pts
9th Arch Bishop Cramner : 137pts
10th Brookside : 139pts

Well done to all the schools who competed

Posted: 6th February, 2016


Girls' Futsal Team Play Well

Last week 10 girls from years 5/6 played in a futsal tournament at SNA. There were so many girls who wanted to play that we drew their names out of the hat for this event. This meant that some girls with no experience of playing football for school got a chance and they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Well done to Mia for scoring a goal on her debut and also to Libby for getting her 2nd ever goal in a match. Well done girls, Mr Stevens was very pleased with how you played.

Posted: 6th February, 2016

You don't have to have a medal to still be a winner!


It's been a while since my last blog but I have been a bit poorly. However there have been some brilliant sporting moments recently which I feel I should share.

Firstly I'd like to share some stats with you. Mrs Allsopp and I recently reviewed the amount of children who have competed for school since September. We were very pleased that on Monday 133 different children have worn the school t-shirts and competed for the school - however by Friday this number had already risen to 137....we are nearly at 50% of our school and we certainly hope to have considerably more children experience inter school competition before July. Hopefully during the 4 years of your child's time at our school they will have many positive experiences of sport.

Recently in school we have been discussing how important it is to show resilience in everything that you do - be it maths, English, ICT, handwriting and the children have developed a phrase - Be Brave and Bounce Back! This has really been the case in many of our competitions recently. Mr Stevens witnessed our girls’ football team bounce back from being 3-1 down to win the match 3-4 - something that rarely happens and every girl who played that match should be proud of their maturity and determination.

During our cross country club many children are developing their fitness so that they either no longer need to walk at all or only have to walk a little bit during their running. This is super and shows that these children are showing the characteristics needed to succeed in whatever they choose to do.

Last night our year 34 team competed in an incredible final of sports hall athletics and it was probably the most competitive event there has been so far. Our children were finding it very hard to keep up with the speed of the other schools but no one gave up. They kept going. Before the competition we spoke about pride and how important it is to know you tried your best. I explained to the children that, regardless of position or medals, if you have tried your best then you will feel proud and good about yourself. Looking at the children's faces last night, I knew they were not only trying their best but they felt great too. 

During the final race for the boys B team, Tom handed the baton to Daniel but in doing so clipped his heels which resulted in a fall. Daniel got back up and carried on - this in itself was brilliant - however none of the boys got upset that they had dropped to last place. Instead they pushed themselves even harder and delighted everyone watching to bounce back and actually win the race. The Boys A team, who were watching, said to Mrs Allsopp when it happened that what they had done was worthy of a whole assembly. They were brave and bounced back. What a super thing to witness.

Until next time.

Mr B :)

Posted: 6th February, 2016


Silver Success At Rushcliffe Sporthall Final

Last night our yr34 sports hall A & B teams competed in the Rushcliffe Final. Going into the final we knew that it would be a very competitive event and the talent of all the teams there was absolutely tremendous. Our children behaved and performed sensationally and showed all the values that our school believes in with school sport. They tried their best in everything and never gave up; they supported each other and showed great team spirit and they respected their fellow teams. There were many, many golden moments that the children will no doubt cherish in the future. The highlights for Mr Burdes and Mrs Allsopp were when the children demonstrated our value or 'being brave and bouncing back'. The other teams had been excellent in the first round of races and pushed our teams to 3rds and 4th place finishes. This was a new experience for all of them. Rather than give up, all 20 children then went out into the fields and did their absolute best and we saw child after child throw and jump PBs. In the final races the girls A held on to get their first win of the night and the boys B overcame a fall and went from last to first place in their race. We were so proud of them.
The full set of results will be out next week but the top three teams were only separated by 15 points - it really was close. 1st West Bridgford A , 2nd Radcliffe A and 3rd Carnarvon.