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School are actively supporting initiatives to support those affected by the war in Ukraine.  We have set up donation boxes in school for pupils to bring in supplies such as nappies and health products and have also shared the fundraising information below.  


BIG NEWS! Wayside have purchased an Ambulance to help Ukraine!

A few words from our MD, Will…

Like many of us I have sat at home watching the atrocities unfolding in Ukraine. The overwhelming feeling of helplessness is felt in most people I talk with. Once I looked into this is was evident that many of the large corporate charities cream too much from our donations in way of bonuses and administrative costs.

I wanted to help directly and make what ever impact I can on the suffering these poor people are going through. A chance phone call with an old friend have led us to this point.

Will and Eddie will be driving their ambulance they have purchased all the way to the Poland/Ukraine border, in 2 weeks time. has been set up as a non profit, no administrative costs with all donations going to the cause. We are all volunteers .

They need medical supplies and ambulances. We driving ambulances full off these urgent supplies directly to the Poland/ Ukraine border at the end of this month. These will be handed over and put into immediate action. We have 2 ambulances and soon to be a third.

If you can help with even the smallest donation please visit the website which is soon to be a fully registered charity.

You can donate at the link below -


#TEAMSEAS bake sale on Friday 11th March was a great success! Thank you to everyone who supported Willow. The sale made an amazing £263.47, which means that 263lbs of plastic will be removed from the oceans and rivers – that is a lot of plastic! Hooray!


Mr Mayfield organised fun activities for the children to take part in. The outdoor activities included a Hopathon (a total of 60 minutes was completed) as well as sending themselves Perimeter crazy, completing over 100 laps of the school perimeter! Whilst inside we held Joke stations, children came up with their own jokes, which were read out in assembly and winners are to be announced this week in our celebration assembly!

We raised £270.50 selling red noses and cash donations on the day, along with £72 via the online ParentPay donation page. Making a total raised £345.50


One of our amazing pupils in Year 4 has been baking cookies to raise money for ORBIS UK because she had an eye accident and had such wonderful care.