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February 2018

Year 3 & 4 Athletics Teams Top the Podium.

A thrilling final saw 2 of our teams compete in the Rushcliffe Medal Final. The children performed incredibly in both their races and field events. They really were amazing. When the points were counted up we were delighted to learn that our 2 teams had won silver and gold medals to be the best two teams in Rushcliffe. What a result! All 3 of our teams were in the top 12 of Rushcliffe and we've still got 4 more teams to start their club.


Results from the Rushcliffe Final:

1st Radcliffe Blues & Whites 48points

2nd Radcliffe Royal Blues 67 Points

3rd Lady Bay 82points

4th Carnarvon 87points

5th Edwalton 88points

6th West Bridgford A team 96 points

7th Heymann 110points

8th West Bridgford B 136 points

9th Arch Bishop Cramner 142 Points

10th Robert Miles 154 Points

11th Flintham 166 points.

Year 3 & 4 Hawaiian Blue Athletics Team Race to

Victory in Rushcliffe B final.


Last night our 'Hawaiian' blue team competed in the Rushcliffe B Final after qualifying 4th in their heat a couple of weeks ago. The children were excited and eager to race. They impressed Mr Burdes and Mrs Knapton with their team work and support of one another as well as their determination when competing. There were some super races which were very, very close to call. It was really exciting to watch. The children also took part in all the field events (long jump, triple jump, ball throw, speed bounce and javelin throw) and looked very comfortable and happy even though they were working hard.  The impressive results are below:


1st Radcliffe Juniors 45 points

2nd Edwalton B Team School 50 points

3rd Willow Brook 55 points

4th Edwalton C Team 70 points

5th Pierrepont Gamston 74 points

6th Crossdale Drive 76 points.