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March 2018

Year 3 & 4 Group 2 Athletics Squad

On Tuesday, nearly 40 of our lower school competed in sports hall athletics. For many this was their first taste of inter school competition and they absolutely loved it. Mr Rudkin, Miss Raine and Mr Burdes were all delighted with how the children tried their best and supported one another. We can't wait to see them in action again.
1st Radcliffe 1 31
1st West Bridgford 31
3rd Radcliffe 2 50
4th Edwalton 2 72
5th  Radcliffe 4 73
6th Edwalton 1 85
6th Radcliffe 3 85
8th East Bridgford 99
9th Candleby Lane 102
Sport Relief 1 Mile Challenge.

Cross Country Courage

Yesterday 32 children from school competed in the cross country relays for the Borough of Rushcliffe. It was a fantastic afternoon with a boy and girl from each year group competing together. Our 4 teams were full of energy and raced their hearts out. Every single child who competed is, in Mr Burdes's opinion, a winner due to their effort, determination and courage. Long distance racing can be a real challenge so every child should be very, very proud of themselves.

The younger children ran approx 700m with the older children racing for appox 1500m.  At one point 2 of our teams were 1st and 2nd but the competition is fierce and there are many great runners in our borough. The lead kept changing and the crowd never knew who would come out of the distant trees in the lead. In the end the honours went to Abbey Rd School who have a superb tradition of cross country running. Our teams came in 3rd, 5th, 10th and 21st out of over 40 teams. This is tremendous result. Well done Radcliffe.


Our cross country club will continue until Easter so we've still got a few sessions left. In the summer term the club will evolve into 'outdoor athletics / quads'.



Does your child like athletics? Are they in years 4 or 5? If so , then this event may be for them.

Mr Burdes has attached a copy of the Derby & Notts County Athletics championship quads competition entry form for all children in years 4 & 5. The school runs a club in this sport during the warmer months and so it is exciting to see that a local competition at a fantastic facility is coming up soon. The children who enter do not need to be part of a club and can enter as individuals (just reference our school name when entering).

In the event (which is part of a much larger county athletics championships) the children would spring 75m, throw a howler javelin, perform a running long jump and also run a 600m race. In the past we have had children from our school reach the podium in this competition but regardless of the results it is a fantastic opportunity. Hopefully your child will give it a go – just ask them to tell their teacher that they’ve entered so that we can support them.