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Reporting pupil absences


If your child is ill, please contact the school office on the first day of absence before 9am. There is a dedicated answer phone to leave a message on, so please select option 1 when you phone or you can contact us by email



If your child needs medication at school, Mrs Ward will administer this for you. You will need to complete a medical administration form, available from the office or please download it from our website below.  When sending in any medication either non-prescribed or prescribed it must be provided in it's full packaging, clearly marked with your childs name.  If your child has a medical condition, we will need you to complete a full health care plan for your child, available from the school, in order for us to manage your child's health whilst in school

Head injuries


There have been a couple of changes to how we treat/observe head bumps in school.


Children who have a head bump now need to be observed for 72 hours post bump, we are using wrist bands in school to help staff identify the children easier.


As before, parents will receive a text to advise that their child has bumped their head and an accident form will be sent home.  Please observe the child for 72 hours post bump and seek medical advice if they develop any of the following; fluids from ears, nose, changes to eye pupil size. 


Vomiting and diarrhoea


Children with diarrhoea and/or vomiting should  be kept off school until 48 hours after their symptoms have gone.