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We will run various clubs through out the school year.  Letters will be emailed to parents and carers. 


You will need to register your child's interest by logging into their Pay360 account and you will find all the clubs on the School Clubs tab whilst booking is open, please ensure you 'check out' to register your interest.


Places for clubs can be allocated in a few different ways depending on interest, they will not be allocated on a 'first come, first serve' basis. For instance, a club may have a limit of 20 children but if only 18 children register, then all 18 will get a place. Clubs that have more interest than spaces will either use a lottery to select places or may ‘favour’ a certain year group first and then fill spaces with younger children to make up the numbers. Additionally, the school will try and ‘favour’ new children so that as many children as possible get an opportunity to do an after school sports club during the course of a year


Copies of current clubs are below, booking will only be open prior to the club starting.