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Curriculum Statement

At Radcliffe on Trent Junior School it is our aim to give the children the chance to shine and immerse themselves in their learning. We feel it is imperative that we help the children to develop a love for learning and they are given opportunities to harness their curiosity.

They are given wide-ranging experiences and opportunities to express themselves in every way. To enable them to reach the very highest standards,their individual abilities and talents are recognised, challenged and encouraged.

Topics will be structured to ensure there is challenge and the children are presented with a wide range of learning opportunties. In addition to this, year teams plan trips and visits to enhance and enrich the children's learning and add to our curriculum provision.

Our topics combine different curriculum areas rather than having discrete lessons on each subject. Staff take time to plan each topic so they weave together subject material based on year group expectations. By immersing the children in a topic that encompasses different subject areas, they benefit from a wider range of learning possibilities.

We believe it is important to value and appreciate the diverse range of abilities, talents and interests we have amongst the children here at Radcliffe Junior School. Our lessons and curriculum coverage are designed to take this into account

Your child's class teacher will post details of the curriculum content to be covered on their class webpage - this will be done at the beginning of each term.

Here is the link for the National Curriculum