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Curriculum Statement

Our Statement of Curriculum Intent


At Radcliffe on Trent Junior School we aim for every child in our school to:


  • Connect with learning through a relevant, memorable and reflective curriculum, which develops independence, resilience and curiosity and enables them to feel happy and safe


  • Connect with their community and consider themselves as unique individuals, as well as global citizens


  • Connect with others by developing understanding, respect and empathy

Connecting with learning


We believe passionately in delivering an inclusive, active and engaging curriculum with high expectations for all. Our curriculum has been designed to provide every child with the opportunity to be aspirational, to achieve their best academic potential and to develop and celebrate their own unique interests and talents. Our school values, which were developed by our children, staff, parents and governors are at the heart of our school ethos and are woven throughout our curriculum.  


  • Be understanding and respect others
  • Be curious and love learning
  • Be positive and believe in yourself
  • Be brave and bounce back
  • Be kind and caring
  • Be creative and use your imagination
  • Be eco
  • Be responsible and do your best
  • Be happy
  • Be unique


Our children enjoy an exciting and purposeful knowledge-based curriculum. It is sequenced to enable our children to make powerful links and connections in their understanding and to their prior learning, whilst also being flexible enough to meet individual needs and respond to current issues and themes. This ensures the curriculum is relevant and prepares them for life in an ever-changing and diverse world.


We aim for our children to become successful, healthy and happy life-long learners and so their time at our school will be filled with memorable and meaningful learning experiences. By encouraging and enabling our pupils to feel successful, take risks and develop resilience, we foster a culture and mind set in which pupils are inquisitive and enjoy the challenge of enquiry to become independent learners.


Connecting with our community


We aim for our children to be aspirational for themselves and the future of their communities, to make a positive contribution and be outward facing and knowledgeable about the wider world. Our curriculum gives our children the desire to want make a difference and take responsibility for making the world a better place. It is designed to enable children to develop a sense of themselves as unique individuals (valuing their strengths, skills and potential) and to understand their role in a global society. By utilising our school environment, our local area, and its people, we are able to support our pupils in making connections in their learning in a way that is real and relevant to their daily lives. Links with the global community are made explicit and promote understanding and respect of others. We want our children to show concern for the environment and commitment to ending climate change and so environmental awareness is an additional theme across the curriculum.



Connecting with others


We aim for our children to be kind and care about others and develop the skills to communicate and work effectively and respectfully with everyone around them. Our curriculum provides our children with the tools necessary to listen and articulate their thoughts, ideas and feelings successfully in a wide range of different forms. Our curriculum is designed to nurture team work and teach the children how to work collaboratively with others. We want our children to know how to keep themselves and others safe, including when to speak up and challenge appropriately. We ensure that the experiences and learning opportunities our pupils receive actively promote and celebrate diversity and difference.