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History Curriculum Intent

Connecting with learning

By learning history at Radcliffe on Trent Junior School, pupils will understand that it is the study of the past, that it is not a narrative but is in fact based upon historical fact and opinion. At all times the curriculum will strive to be meaningful and relevant to the children, enabling them to Be curious and love learning, and will build upon previously gained knowledge, skills and concepts whilst expanding children’s understanding of local, national and global history. Learning is carefully sequenced to enable the children to develop a firm chronological understanding whilst working historically. Several themes are woven throughout the curriculum to ensure continuity of approach and knowledge gained including: the changing history of the local area (when appropriate), the role of women in past societies and the link between ancient and later civilisations.


Connecting with our community

Our curriculum gives pupils a strong grounding in British history, taught chronologically from the first settlements through to Roman Britain, the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and the Battle of Britain. This is supplemented through a local history study which also add to the pupils' knowledge of the history of Britain. One of the main purposes of the history curriculum at Radcliffe on Trent Juniors School is to provide the children with a contextual and meaningful understanding of the history of their local area and their place within this history. The children will conduct an in-depth local history study in year 5.


Connecting with others

Children will also gain knowledge and understanding of important ancient and early medieval civilisations and their impact on the history of the world, up to the present. This will range from Ancient Egypt in year 3 all the way to the Islamic Golden Age in year 6. Why teach the Islamic Golden Age? Studying this era is directly relevant to the present world as it expands pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the foundation of Islam and Islamic societies today, societies that many of the children of Radcliffe are mostly unfamiliar with. This immersion in and exposure to vastly different cultures is one of the cornerstones of the history curriculum at Radcliffe on Trent Juniors School and is important in reinforcing our school value of Being understanding and respecting others.