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School Times

Usual school 

Morning:      8.45am - 12.00pm

Afternoon:   1.00pm - 3.15pm



Staggered drop off and collection times 



Morning drop off times







A - F







 Afternoon pick up times







A - F






School Gate opening times


The school gates on Cropwell Road and the one on the field will close at 8.55am and remain closed until 3.10p.m. 


If the reception open the gate for a visitor earlier than these times can we please ask that you do not follow them through. Whilst we understand that this may inconvenience some of you, we hope that you understand that the safety of your children has to be our prime concern. We feel that having the site open to the general public for a period of thirty minutes each morning and afternoon, whilst the children are moving around the school site, does not ensure the level of protection and safeguarding which is required.

After School Arrangements


It is the responsibility of parents to put suitable end of day arrangements in place and parents need to ensure that their child is aware of these arrangements each day. If there is a last minute change in circumstances please contact the school office so we can inform your child. However, we cannot stress enough the importance of consistency so please only change arrangements during the day if there is no other alternative.


There will be always be a member of staff on the duty at the end of the drive, if your child is uncertain they must go to that member of staff for help. If, as a parent you see a child looking unsure, you must take them to the member of staff who will deal with this appropriately. It is very important that you do not take the child away from the school drive, even if you think you know where they should be. Can you please reiterate the message to you children that if they cannot see the adult they are to go home with that night they either tell the member of staff on the school drive or return to the school office.