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  1. New starters are issued with a unique sQuid registration numbers during the first week. Your child can have a school dinner when they start and payment will be taken as soon as you have registered and added money to your child's account. We cannot issue the registration numbers until your child has been admitted to the school and then the system will update.  

  2. We cannot have any debts on dinner money accounts.  The teachers process the orders every morning in their classroom and if the child's account does not have a credit balance on it, the dinner order will not go through, please ensure your child's account is always in credit or send in sandwiches. There is a facility on your sQuid account to make a automatic top-up when the account drops below your selected amount.

  3. Please refer to our debt policy regarding accounts in debt.

  4. You will be contacted by text and/or phone call when your account has gone into debt, if the account continues to stay in debt we will ask that you to provide your child with sandwiches until the account has been paid in full.

  5. School Meals cost £2.33 which a main meal and a pudding.

School Trip Packed Lunches

The kitchen is able to offer a packed lunch service for most school trips, the meal will consist of a sandwich, yogurt and piece of fruit. If this is an option we will indicate it on the trip letter.  The cost will be the same as for the school meal and free for those receiving free school meals. 


Packed lunch order form

All the information required for school meals including links to Nottinghamshire County Council's website and factsheets can be found here.

Dinners cost £2.33 per day. We only accept payments via the sQuid system.


This is the new sQuid Portal Login for catering:


sQuid Register HERE


Register online for FREE SCHOOL MEALS


The citizen portal is now live to apply for free school meals. Parents can register and apply for free school meals for Nottinghamshire schools through the public website and receive an immediate decision regarding their entitlement. This will then be confirmed by email. If parents are already authorised to receive free school meals then there is no need to reapply.

Free school meals letter